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Good Landlords Review

When seeking a home for yourself and your family, the process can be quite long and disconcerting.  Much of this is due to having little knowledge or agency of the housing market.  We aim to change that by providing first-hand reviews from previous, current, and prospective tenants.  Good Landlords Review is only meant to be informational.  The ratings expressed here are strictly based on opinions and personal experience. 

These reviews are not to be taken as empirical evidence but rather some helpful insight while on the housing hunt.  

Submit your landlord ranking today.  Are they amazing?  Let us know.  

Are they safe and fair?  Let us know!  Are they not so great?  Let. Us. Know. 


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Housing can be difficult for both tenants and landlords.  We know that not all landlords are bad just as well as we know that not all tenants are innocent.  Our goal here is not to demonize one or the other.  We aim to empower tenants to have true agency when seeking a home.  We also seek to uplift, highlight, and support landlords who are good, ethical, and fair.  They are the ones who are doing the hard work of managing space so that our friends and family can live and thrive.  

We seek to make known who those Good Landlords are.

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