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Fair Housing Just Got Transparent

With the current onset of gentrification fueling the housing crisis, it is difficult finding housing that is safe and affordable.  Little supports exists for renters who are seeking housing or struggling with their current landlord.  The Good Landlords Review is a powerful platform that allows renters to rate and review current, past, and prospective landlords and property managers.  This system allows for transparency and accountability in the housing market so that good landlords can be highlighted and easily found while "slumlords" are easily avoided.

Submit your reviews and let your neighbors know where to go and who to avoid.

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Benefits of Landlord Reviews


Receive insight about past experiences with landlords before exchanging money or signing contracts.


With this powerful added visibility, good landlords are highlighted and easily found by potential tenantswhile slumlords have incentive to do better.


This raw and visible feedback from real people offers valuable information so that landlords can make necessary improvements.

Traditional House

My husband has felony record and they were open to renting to us, when many landlords turned us down.

Neighbor, Allegheny County

Visibility is Essential

Visibility is an essential component of safety and accountability. When we can see what is happening, it helps us to identify potential risks and take steps to prevent them. It also provides an opportunity to monitor the performance of individuals and organizations, so that accountability can be held if necessary. Visibility also helps to create a sense of trust, as people and organizations can be sure that they are being held to a certain standard. Finally, visibility can help to create a culture of safety, as it can encourage people to take the necessary precautions and be aware of their surroundings. Ultimately, visibility is key to ensuring safety and accountability for everyone.

A Better Way to Live

Good Landlord Review is just the beginning to creating a fair, equitable, safe, and dignified housing market.  New reviews are added every Sunday.  Submit your reviews.  Encourage others to submit reviews.  The power is truly in the voice of the people.

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